Yewale Tea Franchise

Yewale Tea Franchise [ Updated ]

Yewale Tea Franchise, Tea is one of the most popular beverage not only in india, but in the whole world.

so just think what if you go for a franchise ? can you imagine the profit you will make from it? so for the best franchise so far is Yewale tea franchise!

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what is covered in this article?

  • Yewale Tea Franchise cost.
  • Yewale Tea Franchise cost in mumbai.
  • Yewale Tea Franchise contact.
  • Yewale Tea Franchise details.
  • Yewale Tea Franchise.
  • Yewale Amruttulya branches list.
  • Yewale Tea Franchise cost in pune.

with that and so let’s deep dive into yewale tea franchise details!

any budding or inexperienced entrepreneur who wants to start their own venture but they do not have enough fund, the they can definitely go for yewale franchise.

Yewale Tea Franchise

How Yewale Tea Started?

Yewale tea was founded by Dashrath Yewale, at the age of 16 Dashrath Yewale landed in Pune from Purandar with a dream in his eyes to achieve something big.

Dashrath Yewale first started by selling milk with two buffaloes to make his living in Pune.

From the beginning he loves to make teas and passionate about it, suddenly one day he took a daring move and started his first tea stall in Pune in the year 1983 near Salisbury Park.

“Ganesh Amruttulya,” is was also known as the Yewale Amruttulya became famous in Pune and with that gradually he started to sell different cookie items such as cream rolls, Khari biscuits baked cookies, and more.

in 2017 when the tea companies studied different case studies, tried different teas and their tastes they known as “Yewale Chacha”.

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Benefits Of Yewale Tea Franchise:

as we know tea selling is a profitable business idea in India, but what if you get a brand name as well? yes Yewale Tea Franchise exactly do that and som of the benefits are:

  • Yewale Tea is a popular tea brand in India that is growing at a faster rate than others.
  • as a tea selling company, their monthly turnover is 12lakhs, which is astonishing.
  • low initial investment required and also it requires low maintenance cost.
  • getting started with yewale franchise is quick and easy with very few registration processes.
  • if you are completely new as an entrepreneur then you will face no complex problems with Yewale.

Yewale Amruttalya Branchs List:

Today’s date yewale tea has over 30 branches in Pune and across Maharashtra and they are looking forward to expanding their reach across India.

except for Maharashtra and Pune they have other branches as well, some of them are:

  • Deccan.
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth.
  • Faraskhana.
  • Shivaji Nagar.
  • Sadashiv Peth.
  • Ganpati Chowk.
  • Pimpri.
  • Wagholi.
  • Kondhwa.
  • Shukrawar Peth.

and many more..

Yewale Tea Franchise Cost Details:

Getting a yewale tea franchise is profitable but you need some investment to get started! lets deep dive into yewale franchise cost:

The total amount of investment required to get started with yewale tea franchise will be 13 lakhs, that’s it and the 13 lakhs will be further divided into small amounts to get started.

let’s breakdown the yewale franchise total costs:

  • To get the franchise at first you need to pay 3lakhs to Yewale Tea to get the license and became the official franchise of yewale tea.
  • after that, you need to decorate your tea shop with a proper interior, electrical works, ACP Panelboard, and other decorative and setup costs, all these will cost around 4lakhs.
  • you will require a budget for a Refrigerator, gas connection, Billing Counter, cooler and other stuff, all these combines will cost you around 4lakhs.
  • people kitchen setup will be required that will cost around 70k-80k.
  • for marketing and digital marketing purpose, the company needs to spent almost 1.5lakhs so that they can attract more visitors.
  • Other miscellaneous items such as billing machine, management software, wifi, T.V all these will cost around lakhs so.

Compulsory license required:

  • FSSAI license.
  • Firm registration.
  • GST.

FSSAI license– as I mentioned in my previous article, if you want to start any food-related business in India then an FSSAI certificate is compulsory.

You can apply for FSSAI licence here at

Firm registration– if you have any previous business knowledge then you should know that before starting any company you need to register its firm, and firm registration is a very easy process, you can do it with the help of your CA.

there are two types of firms that you can apply for such as Proprietorship Or Partnership.

any firm registration process starts at the ministry of corporate affairs, you can visit the official website here at

to know more in detail about first check this article.

GST– GST is a vital and important registration for starting any business. GST referred to goods and service taxes and applicable for different goods and services.

you can ask your CA to register a GST for your business, or you can take help of any consultancy firm to do it for you.

you can apply for GST by yourself by visiting the official website at

So these are the important license required to start your franchise.

Eligibility Criteria:

there is no such eligibility criteria required for yewale tea franchise, you need any MBA to start this business, but yes if you have some business skills or marketing knowledge that will help you personally to grow your business.

Franchise Location:

For any offline business, location is vital and if you select a good location where you can find your ideal audience/customers then you can make more money than you imagine.

if you have your own land than that’s a good new, but you do not own any piece then don’t worry, rant a land in a proper location according to your business need.

you don’t need a huge space to get started, you can start with a small area such as 200ft-300ft and you are good to go.


as you are opening tea franchise it is always better to open in a crowded area, so that your business can get more attention and helps to grow your business.

try to open in areas like schools, colleges, universities, office areas, near corporate areas.

Training For Yewale Tea Franchise:

well this is franchise of a tea shop that you are going to have, so there is no formal training for you.

After you get the ownership approval of yewale tea franchise, they will provide a basic training to your staffs about how to serve tea to customers, how to keep everything hygienic.

They also teach your staffs about different taste variations while making rea and that can make a problem, overall they will guide your staffs with proper training so that they can perform and serve the best.

FAQs’ For Yewale Tea Franchise:

Yewale Tea Franchise Contact Number?

+91 8181 00800

Yewale Tea Franchise Contact Details?

These are the following contact details for yewale franchise:
yewale franchise mail id[email protected].
Yewale tea main website
Yewale Tea Headoffice address
Flat No. 101,
1st Floor, Silver Point,
201/1, Katraj- Kondhwa Road,
Kondhwa, Pune – 411046.

Yewale Tea Franchise Application Form.

to get the yewale tea franchise, click the mentioned application form below to get started.

This is a detailed article about yewale tea franchise, now we would like to hear from you if you want other franchise details, let us know here, or let us know in the comment section if you have any doubt.

Thank you.

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