Small scale business ideas for ladies, there are several ladies and women out there who want to earn money or start small scale businesses, but the main problem they face is getting a small scale business ideas for ladies in India.

woman can achieve many big milestones in their lives if they know how to do it in a right ways and with proper planning.

there are literally a thousand ways to earn money as a small scale business owner, and we mentioned them all in today’s article “Small Scale Business Ideas For ladies”.

so without further ado, let’s see what is cover in today’s article:

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and many more. to know and more let’s get into it.

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Small Scale Business Ideas For Ladies:

The small scale business ideas that are mentioned here are applicable to all the ladies. Continue reading these article to explore and get some of the best small scale business ideas for ladies that will make you rich.

In the end, we mentioned some of the most important QNAs related to small-scale business ideas for ladies and also some of the best businesses for ladies with low investment.

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Freelance Writing:

Nowadays people love to work on their own and with no workload and restrictions, so the best way to achieve your work freedom is Freelancing.

according to a survey any good freelancer earns between 10k-50k per month, while some experienced freelancers easily make around 80k-1lakhs per month.

Small scale business ideas for ladies
Freelance Writing

you can literally make thousands per week while working as a freelance writer, there are several ladies who work as a freelance writer and earns for living easily.

You can apply to different websites and join as a freelancer and start picking up writing projects, some of the most popular freelancing websites are:

  • Upwork.
  • Fiveer.
  • freelancer.
  • guru.
  • peoplePerHour.

once you signed-in you will be able to access different projects and you can bid on them to start working.

except for freelancing you can make money from writing, and writing jobs are the best business for ladies with low investment.

You can make with your writing skills by doing:

these are some of the best ways you can utilize your writing skill for money, and you can do this Small Scale Business Ideas For ladies from anywhere in this world.

Sell On Amazon:

Selling on Amazon is an easy-to-start business idea for ladies, but you need to have a proper strategy on how you are going to generate more sales.

when you are selling goods n amazon there is no limit in earning, for example, you can make $9 or you can make $9 million as well.

Small scale business ideas for ladies
Amazon Services

mainly the amount of money you will earn totally depends on the number of products you sell, if you can able to sell your own branded products then you can enjoy high-profit margin such as 50%-60%.

[ Pro tip: Try to sell your own branded products to make good amount of revenue ]

the part of doing business with Amazon is that you will get brand support and that will help your products to get more trust and exposure.

to know more about amazon selling profit, check out this blog.

Below are some of the most crucial points on how you can be a successful amazon seller:

  • Find the niche product that you want to sell.
  • Open an amazon seller account.
  • Choose your Amazon fulfillment method ( FBA or FBM ).
  • Create your product listings on Amazon.
  • Find the manufacturer.
  • get your order and ship it to the customer.
  • SEO your listing for better optimization and performance.
  • Start getting exposure to your products and drive sales.

there are few best practices to drive sales such as:

  • PPC Campaigns on Amazon itself.
  • Product Launches.

these are some of the important points to remember to start your amazon seller business ideas for ladies.


As we mentioned about there are few in which you can start making money with your writing skills only, and blogging is one of them.

Blogging is a profitable business ideas for ladies with low investment. In India you can easily make $100-$10000 or more, there is no limit in earning.

Small scale business ideas for ladies

If you do it well and good amount of traffic in your website you can easily make more then $20,000 to $30,000.

To know more about blogging, check out the blogging section of this article.

Blogging can the most profitable online business ideas for women and can be setup with no to minimum cost, do you know how much you can make from blogging?

well check out the earning of top blogs:

  • Moz: $44.9 million per year.
  • PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year.
  • Copyblogger: $33.1 million per year.
  • Mashable: $30 million per year.
  • TechCrunch: $22.5 million per year.

shocked right? yes these are from blogging revenue, but how do they earn so much? they are old website that has gained authority over time but if you want to start earning from blogging you need to go for a specific niche and then work on it.

for example, WOOBLE is a specific niche blog that targets budding entrepreneurs and people who are looking for business ideas and opportunities.

Step By step guide to blogging:

  • Think of a good name for your blog.
  • Get a domain name and a hosting service.
  • Select your niche.
  • install WordPress on your blog.
  • pick up a clean and simple theme for your WordPress blog.
  • start creating awesome content for your blog.
  • learn keyword research and SEO.
  • Apply for different ad networks such as Google AdSense or

you can also go for affiliate marketing if you receive decent amount of traffic to your blog website.

if done properly then blogging can be the best small scale business ideas for ladies.

Interior Designer:

interior designer is great business model, because if you know how to play you will crush it else you will loose yourself.

in interior designing business, the profit margins are not always fixed, the profit margin generally depends on the budget of your client but generally, if you go well with your planning and strategy then you can make 30%-40% of profit margin easily.

If you work well through out the year you will be able to make around $80,000 to $144,000 a year, but again these figures will change client to client and region to region.

according to United States Department of Labor, a interior designer make around $49,810 per year depending upon his/her skills, years of experience and talent.

So, now you know how important it is to plan before getting into interior designer business, so follow these steps to get started with successful interior designer business ideas for ladies:

  • Before you jump out determine what services you are going to cover under the interior designer business.
  • create your own specialty and style, that will help you to move ahead of your competition.
  • get a catchy and easy-to-remember business name.
  • create your online presence.
  • get your domain name and a hosting service.
  • build a beautiful website.
  • build your portfolio strong and add it to your website.
  • set your rate charts, also add a pricing table on your website.
  • promote your business with social media and digital marketing.
  • create an interior designer niche blog, and generate high-quality content.

overall interior designer is a great small scale business ideas for ladies, if you know that right things.

Affiliate Marketing:

personally there are very few online earning methods that i like the most and Affiliate marketing is one of them, because all you need to know some digital marketing tools and the proper usage of social media.

earning potential in affiliate marketing is huge, for example if you are a decent affiliate marketer then also you could easily make around $10,000 a year to $400,000 which is around 75lakhs to 3crore a year. not bad hah?

small scale business ideas for ladies
Affiliate marketing

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in affiliate marketing the major problem faced by beginner is that they do not find any leads. this problem occurs because they simply publish content adding their affiliate links within the article, this thing may work sometimes but not always, if you are really serious about your earning then you to create article that will reach to your audience.

affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online but you need persistence and continuing nature, you can’t assume that if you make $100 a day, the next day also you will earn the same, because in affiliate marketing there are a lot of examples where people earn a decent amount of money and suddenly they skyrocket their earnings.

now many of you think affiliate marketing is easy, but that’s not the case as you remember to foster relationships. you need to keep few things in mind before jumping into affiliate marketing such as:

small scale business ideas for ladies
Business ideas for ladies
  • remember of focus on a particular niche.
  • never try to run behind all the affiliate networks available in the market, try to go with onw or two.
  • create a proper system that will benefit both advertiser, affiliate and the publishers as well.
  • try to be genuine with your audience, don’t sell them trash just because you will get huge profit margin.

there are also some key points to remember to become a successful affiliate marketer:

  • always be patient with your audience, give them time to think about the products, never try to force them to buy.
  • try to gather good affiliate products that will be beneficial for your audience.
  • try to get traffic from different sources.
  • try to acquire.
  • try to measure different aspects of your online presence such as Test, Measure, and Track.

if you follow these steps in affiliate marketing then you will be able to generate good mount of money as a ladies or housewife, afterall affiliate marketing is a legit way and a good business ideas for ladies as well.

Start A Charitable Business:

starting your own non-profit organization charity is not only for a good social work promise but also leverage some good amount of profit as well.

if you have a dream of doing social work and also make side by side income then charitable business is one of the most suitable way to do so.

the best part with this business is that you can solve any social or environmental problem that you think must be solved and none other business is working on it.

in fact, according to a research of consumer survey 89% people said that they world love to switch to other brands eith similar price or products if the business is doing good cause.

as of you are the owner of the non profit organization you can pay yourself, but remember no to keep all the money with yourself only, set a salary for yourself.

there as a lot of options when it comes to open your own non profitable charity such as:

  • Animal charities.
  • Human services charities.
  • Religious charities.
  • International non-governmental organizations.
  • Environmental charities.
  • Art & culture charities.
  • Health charities.
  • Education charities.

you can go with any of these charity business ideas for ladies.

starting your own charity is a great small scale business ideas for ladies as mentioned earlier but you just can’t start it anyway! you need to follow few proper steps to start a successful charity which are:

  • Define Your Mission with the charity.
  • Pick a good Name.
  • Register your charity With the IRS.
  • create your online presence, get your website.
  • start promoting your charity and raising money.
  • be patient.

these are some ways with which you can start charity as a small scale business ideas for ladies.

Personal Wellness:

this might be a new business idea, but trust me this is not

App developer:

Digital marketing:

Cake Making:

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