SEO Interview Questions? if you are searching for one of the best SEO interview questions out there on the internet including some of the most common but vital questions then you are at the right place!

but before get started you should know few stuffs such as:

What is SEO and why is it important in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) has always been one of the most popular digital marketing efforts and it is widely accepted in different fields of digital marketing.

if your business is online, you need SEO.

basically, SEO is a technique by which we send free traffics ( organic traffic ) to our website or webpage for free and helps to increase the visibility of our website. in digital marketing, SEO is considered as one of the best investment for your business online, because SEO helps your business to have a great user-friendly website that helps your users and also helps you to rank higher in Google SERPs

SEO also helps to acquire your potential customers using the right targeted keyword and helps you to get quality leads and better conversion. SEO is extremely helpful to get traffic for the long run without paying to google.

enough explanation, without further ado, let’s dive into our SEO interview questions:

we studied more then 1500+ SEO interview questions and discussed with top SEO professionals to create this article, hope this will help!

SEO Interview Questions

SEO interview questions

so without further ado, lets dive into some of the most important SEO interview questions:

What is SEO and the full form of SEO?


The full form of SEO is search engine optimization.
SEO is a technique that helps to increase the website’s quality and quantity of traffic in organic search results. SEO also helps to grow your business by providing visibility on google.
SEO results also help your business to create authority and create loyal customers.

What is a search engine?

a search engine is a web-based tool ( program ) that helps the user to find their required information on the world wide web using the search engine’s own database.
they find relevant results by using keywords.
[ this is the most basic and common SEO interview questions ].

Name some the search engines?

there are some of the popular search engines are there including google, bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and more.
this is one of the most important SEO interview questions and if you want to know more check out this article.

What is www ( World Wide Web )?

World Wide Web is an information system on the internet that allows different documents to be connected by hypertext link using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
www helps the user to move from one document to another.
WorldWideWeb ( no space ) was invented by Berners-Lee

What is a domain?

a domain is a part of the network address which helps to indicate a particular IP address. a domain is always unique.
for example this website where mymoneyfalling is the domain that represents this website’s IP address.

What is a domain extension?

it is the last part of the domain found at the end of the URL, for example, where wooble is the domain name and .in is the domain extension.
this is a vitel SEO interview question that has been asked many times.

What is crawling?

crawling is a process in which search engines link google send their spiders or bots to discover new or updated content.
contents can vary such as posts, videos, images, pdfs, etc. all of these content formats are discovered by search engines via links.

What is the crawling budget?

definition of crawling budget is simple, it is the number of pages crawl by google bots on any given day. These numbers sometimes varies, but maximum of times the numbers are stable.
Google might crawl 5 pages or 50 pages or 5000 pages these numbers vary.

What is indexing?

in simpler terms, indexing means google uploads your website’s or blog’s webpages into its database ( Google SERPs ).
indexing highly depends on what meta tags you have used which is index or no-index. if you add no-index then google will not index your that particular page.

What are different types of SEO?

there are mainly three types of SEO, which are:
on-page SEO
off-page SEO
technical SEO

also, there are three types of SEO techniques which are:

white hat SEO.
gray hat SEO.
black hat SEO.

( important SEO interview questions )

What is a backlink?

a backlink simply a link which is created when one website link to another website. backlinks are also called inbound links r incoming links.
for example, if the website x gives a link to the website y then that link is referred to as backlink given by website x to website y.
questions related to backlinks are one of the most important SEO Interview Questions.

What is an outbound link?

when your website created a link to another website, then that link will be an outbound link for your website.
but that link will be a backlink for other website that you linked to.
for example,
website x gives a link to website y, so website x created an outbound link, and website y gained a backlink.

What are the different types of links?

there are mainly 5 types of links:
Internal Links.
External Links.
Natural Links.
Manually Obtained Links.
Self-Created Links.

in the external link there are two variants which are:

do-follow link.
no-follow link.

( important SEO interview questions )

Differentiate between no-follow and do-follow backlinks?

the only difference between no-follow and do-follow links are that no-follow link attribute does not allow search engine bots to follow the link.
but for the do-follow link attribute, we allow search engine bots to follow the link.

Difference between off-page SEO and on-page SEO?

in simpler terms, on-page SEO are the factors that you can control on your website.
off-page SEO refers to ranking factors that occur off your website, for example getting backlinks from other websites.

What is Page Rank?

page rank is an algorithm used by search engines to rank any webpage based on its quality.
quality factors including, backlinks referred to the page, content quality, in-depth content or thin content, the authority of that page, age of that page, and more.
the term page rank was first coined by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Page rank is among one of the most important SEO interview questions

What is a keyword?

a keyword is a word or group of words used by the internet user to perform a search in the search engine. in an SEO campaign, the keywords are very useful and important factors.

Name some of the tools that you have used in SEO.

some of the free tools that I use are

google trends.
google keyword planner.
google search console.
answer the public.

Some Of The paid Tools That I Use Are
Moz pro.
canva ( for infographics ).

( to see a related infographic for better understanding, check the blogging section of this post. )

What is keyword density?

keyword density simply means the number of times your targeted keyword has appeared on your webpage or content.
keyword density is measured with respect to your content’s word count.
keyword density also referred to as keyword frequency.

What are Meta Tags?

basically meta tags provide metadata ( information ) about a HTML document.
<meta> tags always goes inside <head> element. and hence used to specify charecter set, keyword, description ( meta description ).

Name the four important Meta tags in SEO?

the four important meta tags in SEO are :

meta keyword attribute.
title tag.
meta description attribute.
meta robots attribute

What is an anchor text?

in simpler terms, an anchor text is simply an exact match of a keyword linked to page.
for example, ” keyword research” linked to a page “keyword research”, then keyword research is an anchor text.

What is Googlebot?

Google bots also are known as a web spider or web crawler is a web crawling software that collects information from different websites and helps to build relevant google search engines.

What methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?

there are different ways to decrease the loading time of a website such as:

Minimize HTTP requests
Minify and combine files
Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files
Defer JavaScript loading
Minimize time to first byte
Reduce server response time
Choose the right hosting option for your needs.
and more.

( IMPORTANT SEO Interview Questions )

What is robots.txt?

robots.txt also known as the robot exclusion protocol. it is a text file that tells robots ( google bots ) which page to crawl on your website. it also tells robots which page not to crawl.

Which is better — Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

basically this depends such as when you want to disallow a whole section of your site such as category then robots.txt is the best option.
if you want to disallow a single post or file then meta robot tags are the best option.

( IMPORTANT SEO interview questions )

What is keyword difficulty?

keyword difficulty is a matrix on a scale of 100 which helps us to understand how hard a keyword is to rank.
remember competition and keyword difficulty are not the same, competition is used for paid ads in Google.

 What is a long-tail keyword?

long-tail keywords are the keywords which are consist of three to four words or more.
long-tail keywords are very very specific about what you are offering. long-tail keywords are less competitive but highly converting.
example- SEO agency in Boston.

What Is SEO Friendly URL?

SEO friendly URLs are the URLs that are specially designed for users and the search engine.
SEO friendly URLs are generally short and keyword-rich.

What is a landing page?

in general page is the page where your visitors visits when they first land on your website.
the main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers.
that is the reason landing pages often designed attractive and catchy.

What is the Penguin update?

Google rolled out its Penguin update in 2012 to fight with webspam.
today penguin update is one of the core updates in google.

( IMPORTANT SEO Interview Questions )

What is the Sandbox Effect?

many SEO professionals believe that Google has a filter that holds all new websites under restrictions for a certain amount of time to prevent them from ranking in search engines.

( Sandbox is never confirmed by google but yet it is a important sEO interview questions )

What are the doorway pages?

generally, doorways are pages or sites that create to rank highly on a search result for a specific search query.
doorways are often considered bad pages for users because many of them rank on different positions on SERPs but leads on the same destination page.

( IMPORTANT SEO Interview Questions )

What is the limit of a robot.txt file?

robots.txt must be smaller than 500kb in size.

( IMPORTANT SEO Interview Questions )

What is Keyword proximity?

keyword proximity refers to the closeness of two or more keywords.
for example, there is the keyword ” best cardiologist in California” in the heading ” top-notch cardio surgeon in the USA”

What are the criteria for the uniqueness of a page?

the criteria for the uniqueness of a page can vary but typically if you want to create a unique page then you should not copy anything from another website that is your content must be yours including images, videos, content, logo, or even website design.

Name some of the few black hat techniques that one should avoid.

some of the black hat SEO technique that every SEO professional should avoid including:

publishing thin or poor quality content.
keyword stuffing.
using misleading redirects.
buying links.
using link farms or PBN for creating spammy links.

How to remove toxic links from a website?

you can remove toxic links from a website by the following ways:

1 ) first, identify the bad links.
2 ) Search for the website owner who linked ( bad link )to your content.
ask for.
3 ) contact the website’s owner and ask to remove that link bad link.
4 ) finally if nothing happened then go to google’s disavow tool to remove that backlink manually.

What is XML Sitemap? why is it important?

an XML sitemap is basically a document that contains a list of all the webpages of your website that you want search engines to index.
XML Sitemaps are very important for SEO because XML sitemap acts as a roadmap of your website that helps google to crawl all your important webpages deeply.
XML sitemaps are also important if your site has not proper internal linking.

( SEO analyst interview questions)

What is DA?

DA is domain authority and it is a ranking factor developed by Moz.
domain authority is measured on a scale of 1-100.
the more domain authority of a website the higher it will rank in SERPs.

What is pA?

pA is page authority, it is also developed by Moz that predicts how well a page will rank in SERPs. like dA, pA is also measured on a scale of 1-100.
the more Page authority of a website the higher it will rank.

What is Google Pigeon Update?

google pigeon is basically a google’s algorithm update that mainly aims to increase the ranking of local listings.
google’s pigeons provide exposure to local listings and local businesses as well.

What is Google’s Rich Answer Box?

Google’s rich answer box is a new feature in search results powered by a knowledge box which is powered by another site.
this is also known as a featured snippet. which lies above all the organic results or position zero.

What is Bounce Rate?

bounce rate is an internet marketing term mainly used in traffic analysis.
bounce rate is measured as the percentage of people leaving your webpage without taking any action.

What are the LSI keywords?

LSI keywords are the words or phrases that are closely related to your main keyword ( main topic ) on a webpage.
for example, if you are talking about smartphones ( main keyword ) then your LSI keywords are mobile, phones, smart gadgets, etc.

What is the role of a keyword in SEO?

SEO keywords are the words or phrases that you target to write content on it and want to rank for that particular keyword.
people will type your keyword to find your web content.
you should maintain a good keyword strategy to gain SEO benefits.

Explain keyword stemming.

keyword stemming refers to google’s ability to understand a word ( keyword ) from the user’s query.
it’s stemming because it comes from word stem, or root, or base.

What does it mean if nothing appears while searching a domain?

if nothing found after searching for the domain name that means the domain is not generated sitemap or the domain is not registered with google search console.

What is “Google Suggest” or “Autocomplete”?

Google suggests or autocomplete is google’s search feature that provide users a suggestion as they enter their search query into the search box.

What is a SERP?

if you search something on the search engine then you will receive results into the search engine result page that is SERP.

What Is the panda update?

Google rolled put its major update named panda update in February 2011.
panda update focus on poor quality content that should not rank in top search results.
panda restricts low-quality content to rank in google.

What are the social signals?

social signals are the likes, comments, shares, retweets on social media.

What is Cross-linking?

cross-linking is the process of linking between two websites. cross-linking is the process on which the whole internet is based on.

What is a NAP?

N A P is an acronym for Name, address, and phone number.
n a p mainly used in local SEO.

What is cloaking?

cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different URLs for humans and Different URLs for Search engines.

cloaking is a black hat SEO practice.

Which is the best way to maximize the frequency with which your site/page is crawled by the search engines?

publish content frequently.
update your content frequently.
using metadata.
using alt tags.

Which search engine patented the concept of “TrustRank” as a methodology to rank websites and webpages?


What is link popularity?

link popularity means number of backlinks ( incoming links ) that point to a given website.

What is the meaning of competitive analysis?

Competitive Analysis is an internet marketing strategic management term which means analyzing the competitor’s strength and weaknesses to help to outrank them.

What is Google’s Rich Answer Box?

google rich answer box is a new feature that directly provides answers to searchers’ questions.
when google index any question they try to provide its answer directly from Rich Answer Box.

How do you separate words in the URL?

by using hyphens (-) you can separate words from an URL.
this are also considered as a word separator for search engines.

What is Google Fetch?

google fetch is a google search console feature that lets you see how your web page is rendering on google search.
it also helps you to manually submit your web page to be indexed in Google SERPs.

What is AMP?

AMP which stands for accelerated mobile pages. AMP is used to load a web page fast in mobile devices.
AMP works by building web pages for static content which helps to load (and pre-render in Google search) pages must faster than regular HTML.

Definition of SEO Audit

SEO audit is process of analyzing website’s performance across the web.
we perform seo audit to maximize website’s best performance. SEO audit helps to find if there is any problem in your website.

What is Google My Business?

google my business is mainly used for local SEO and it is a free tool for businesses and organizations to manage the online presence ( locally ) across google.
google my business listings include some of the basic features such as call to actions and google maps for location.

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google knowledge graph is google’s knowledge base used by Google and its services for better search engine results with information gathered from variety of sources mainly from Wikipedia.
the knowledge graph presented to internet users in the form of a box at the right-hand side corner.

What are Sitelinks?

site links are the hyperlinks to particular websites subpages that appear under a particular website in order to help users to navigate a website.

What is HTTPS/SSL Update?

the HTTP/SSL update refers to transferring the website from non-secure HTTP protocol to secure https protocol and this happens by updating SSL certificate.
Google clearly mentioned that the https protocol is a ranking factor.

What is Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon is a google algorithm update that mainly focuses on mobile-friendly websites and user-friendly experiences.
you can have a look at this massage from official google webmaster.

what is guest posting?

the guest posting which is also called as guest posting is an act for writing content on another website.
in general guest, the posting is done within the same industry or same niche in order to get high-quality backlink and quality traffic in the long run.
guest authority backlinks also help to increase domain authority.

what is RSS feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a file that is easily read by a computer called XML files that automatically update information, then this information fetched by the user’s RSS reader that converts the file into the latest update.

What is Forum Posting?

forum posting is an online discussion platform where people ask questions to each other in textual form or by providing links, which in turn helps them to drive a lot of quality traffic.
People Generally Go For Forum Posting To Get High And Good Quality Backlinks.

What is Article submission?

article submission is generally referred to as submitting your articles to online directories that are relevant to your niche.
the article helps you to get backlinks, helps to make your content popular, and easily available to the world wide web.

What is Google Analytics?

google analytics is a free web analytics software offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic and performance.
analytics also helps a lot more control over your website and provide useful insights.

What is 301 Redirect?

301 redirect is a permanent URL redirection from one URL to another URL, which means the existing page from one URL has shifted to another page with a new URL that is redirection.
you can apply redirection by using some WordPress plugin.

What is Image Alt Text?

image alt text also referred to as alt tag or alt description, is a written copy that appears in place of an image in case if the image failed to load on the user’s screen.
alt tags help to better crawl your website for ranking and also help visually impaired people.

What are the most important Google ranking factors?

well there are almost 200+ ranking factors in google but some of the most important factors are:Top 3 Google Ranking factors| SEO Tips | Cariad Marketing

domain age
webpage age
user experience.
technical SEO.
high-quality content.

What is internal linking?

internal linking is simply the links that link from one page of a domain to another page of the same domain.
internal linking mainly helps website navigation and helps google bots to crawl any website deeply.
also helps to create a website hierarchy

above there are some important SEO interview questions for freshers, SEO manager interview questions, and some important SEO interview questions you should know before getting into the interview.

I hope this question will help you get started.

if you have any more questions you thing missing here feel free to let me know here.

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