school full form, In simpler terms School Full Form Is:

Sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning.

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About School and School Full Form:

school is an educational institute designed and created to provide learning environment for students, so that they can learn from teachers and grow with other kids to make them socially active.

majority of countries have formal education compulsory. you can catagorise schools into three segments such as:

  • primary school ( for young children ).
  • secondary schooling ( for teenagers ).
  • higher schooling ( generally referred as collage or university ).

there are also two forms of schools:

  • Government school– Schools that are run and operated by government itself.
  • Private School– Schools that are not run and operated by government bodies.

the concept of school is not new, the grouping of students together in an organized manner to learn something from their respective teacher is an old tradition that existed since ancient greece ( academy ), ancient rome ( Rome education ), ancient india ( gurukul ) and more…

the work school was derived from greek word σχολή (scholē), which is used to stand for word “leisure” but later the word school meaning changed as “a group to whom lectures were given

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to be a full-grown student you must progress through a different series of schools such as starting from primary school to secondary school and finally end up in higher school.

now lets see some other full form of school:

Full Form Of School:

  • Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives.
  • Seven Crap Hours Of Our Life.
  • Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives.
  • Seven Cruel Hours Of Our Lives.
  • Stupid Contaminated Humans Operation Of Learning.
  • Suck Children’s Happiness Out Of Life.
  • Success Comes Hard Outside Of Learning.
  • Small Citizens House Of Official Learning.
  • Stupid Children Hate Our Opportunities to Learn.
  • Summoning Cheap Humans Or Octopus Legs.

these are some of the funny full form of school that are commonly used.

Facts About School and School Full Form:

  • The City Montessori School in Lucknow, is the largest school present in the world in-terms of number of students, it has more then 56,000 students.
  • The chinese students are the most hardworking students in the world in-terms of homework, they complete 14 hours of homework in a week.
  • Pakistan do not have legal right for free education. only children between the age of 5-10 have compulsory education.
  • summer vacation in Chile is three months long starting from mi-december to early march.
  • france has the shortest schooling year starting from august to june.
  • in Holland children start their schooling at the age of 4.
  • Turin has the smallest school in the world, only one student.
  •  Iran is the only country in the world where the girl and the boy child educate separately until they reach collage.
  • in  Kenya education is not at all compulsory.
  • in Phumachangtang world’s highest school is situated

this is aloo about school full form.

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