mineral water plant business plan, if you wondering which business idea you should opt to be successful then mineral water plant business is the one for you.

water is the basic need for all living beings and with the increase, in the population ( 1-2% per year ) the demand for water supply also increases rapidly.

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  • Mineral Water Plant Business Plan.
  • Mineral Water Plant Business Plan In India.
  • is mineral water plant profitable?
  • how to start a mineral water plant business.
  • mineral water plant cost in India.

the mineral water plant is a very profitable business idea if starts with proper execution and strategy because in this the profit margin is generally high than that of other businesses.

in the mineral water plant business, the expected profit margin for small bottles is around 15% and that of large bottles is around 25-30%.

in the beginning, you can face some of the major competitors in this industry such as coco-cola, Kingfisher, and more.

the water plant industry is growing in India and it is also expected to grow in the future.

the market size of this industry was 23.80 billion is of 2016 and it is expected to grow by 7.1% in 2025.

so without further ado, lets dive into it.

Mineral Water Plant Business Plan:

before jumping into the mineral water plant business plan we need to know the basic difference between packaged water manufacturing and mineral water plant business,

Packaged Water Manufacturing/ Mineral Water Plant:

  • packaged water– package drinking water is simple, in this process, the company collect water from borewell, and with the help of RO ( reverse process ), they significantly reduce the amount of Total Dissolved Solid particles ( also called TDS ). in this process the company doesn’t add any extra minerals so it is simple packaged drinking water.
  • Mineral Water Plant– in mineral water plants the water is extracted from different natural sources such as springs, drilled wells, or sometimes it is fortified artificially by blending and treating with mineral salts.

so mineral water is good for our health as it contains vital minerals that is needed for our body, also the mineral water is packed under hygienic condition.

according to Food and Drug Administration, mineral water must contain a minimum of 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids.

How much does it cost to start a mineral water plant?

starting a mineral water plant is not a matter of joke neither a low investment business idea, you can go for a small factory to get started and that will cost you around 15 lakhs, and if you want to set up a large manufacturing unit that will cost you more then 50 lakhs or so…

For a small mineral manufacturing units you will be required:

  • Laboratory setup cost ( around 2 lakhs or more ) Visit IndiaMART to get started.
  • Industrial RO Plant cost ( around 3.5 or more ) visit IndiaMART to know more.
  • Alum Treatment Tanks cost ( around 1.5 lakhs or more ) visit IndiaMART to know more.
  • Raw water tank cost ( around 20k or more ) visit IndiaMART to know more.
  • Chlorination Tank cost ( around 10k-30k ) visit IndiaMART to know more.

these are some of the essential are required to get started with mineral water plant business.

Licenses Required For Successful Mineral Water Plant Business:

while working with a Mineral Water Plant Business plan you must consider important paper workings and proper Licenses required to get started.

some of the important Licenses to get started with Mineral Water Plant Business are:

  • FSSAI certificate.
  • SSI Registration.
  • ISI Mark Certificate with BIS Registration.
  • pollution control certificate.
  • test papers for raw and pure water.
  • Microbiologist- degree and medical certificate.

while creating a profitable mineral water business plan you should follow FSSAI standards:

  1. the mineral water must go through some treatments such as decantation, filtration, aerations, filtration with membrane filter depth filter and many more, these following tests ensure the proper quality of mineral water.

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