Manufacturing Business Ideas In India, if you are searching for profitable manufacturing business ideas in India then you are at the right place.

in this article, we will uncover some of the new manufacturing business ideas, that you will not find anywhere else, so without further ado, let’s see what we are going to cover in this article:

What We will cover In this article:

  • New manufacturing business ideas.
  • large scale manufacturing business ideas in India.
  • medium scale manufacturing in India.
  • future business ideas in India.
  • manufacturing business ideas with medium investment.
  • manufacturing business ideas with low investment.
  • small manufacturing business ideas from home.

Enough talking now lets discuss some of the facts about the manufacturing sector in india.

according to ibef, there is strong growth in the manufacturing sectors of India.

Basic metals – 10.8%
intermediate goods – 8.8%.
food products – 2.7%.
tobacco products – 2.9%
Growth Rate Of Manufacturing Sectors
Manufacturing business ideas in india

the Purchasing Managers’ Index ( PMI ) in manufacturing sector of india is almost 58.9 in October 2020 and 56.8 in September 2020.

To know more about manufacturing sectors in india please follow this article.

Manufacturing Business Ideas In India.

So now without further ado, lets jump into some profitable manufacturing business ideas in india.

1 ) Environment Friendly Bags-

There are some great advantages of using environment-friendly bags or eco-bags, but what are those great advantages?

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first of all eco-friendly bags are require cheap cost to make and also the reusable bags provides your customer a stronger and much sturdier solution then your old plastic bags.

they use cotton to make the handles of the bags that make them very comfortable to carry much heavier weights.

Some of the amazing benefits of using eco friendly bags are:

  • Helps to prevent the buildup of greenhouse gases.
  • eco-friendly bags use jute, cotton or bamboo that helps to create better oil in long run.
  • Less plastic waste.
  • Show your brand as a environment friendly that creates good impression on your brand image.
  • less money required for cleaning up.
  • Less fossil fuels and natural resources used.

and much more…….

Overall Environment Friendly Bags is a profitable yet needed manufacturing business ideas in india.

Tips to follow while creating Environment Friendly Bags manufacturing business in india:

  • Get started with Sustainable Packaging.
  • Donate, Don’t Discard.
  • Go smaller audience or go local at first.
  • Use water carefully while manufacturing eco-friendly bags.

Follow these steps to create a successful eco-friendly bag manufacturing unit.

2 ) LED Light Manufacturing-

The LED Light Manufacturing is a profitable manufacturing business idea, if you start properly.

You probably don’t know LED manufacturing is profitable manufacturing business idea in india if you start properly.

In India, the LED Manufacturing business market is over 220 billion by 2020, and this industry is growing at a rate of 40% each year.

consumption of LED Light across idea are:

  • Commercial segment ( 30% ).
  • residential Segment ( 20% ).
  • street lighting ( 30% ).
  • industrial lighting ( 20% ).

But Why led lights are successful in india?

led lights are super effective and cost-effective for Indian households and industrial areas, for example, led lights to rank higher if you talk about energy saving and money.

not only in commercial and household demand, led lights are also in demand for Central and state government departments.

which makes it best b2b manufacturing business idea.

there are still some problems with these manufacturing businesses because many of led lights are of high cost which makes it difficult for lower-middle-class people to afford.

if you can break the odds and able create led manufacturing at a low cost so that anyone can afford it, then there is a high chance that you make a huge profit out of it.

you can start this business with very low investment, because this required only just raw materials from good manufacturers, all you have to do is just assemble them to get the network.

Follow these steps to get your LED Manufacturing business started:

if you follow all the steps mentioned above then you can successfully launch your manufacturing business idea in india.

4 ) Organic Detergents Manufacturing-

Look if you are looking for new manufacturing business ideas with medium or low investment then there no better option then Detergents Manufacturing.

Detergents Manufacturing is the best manufacturing business to start with low investment and high profit.

this business will give you high profit on a small budget and the best part is, you will require no technical knowledge or skill to get started, all you need is just mixing up two or more raw materials.

all you need is a small budget to get started, the budget ranges from as little as 1200 to 30000 rupees.

Though it is a low investment manufacturing business idea doesn’t mean it has low market potential, Today the detergent manufacturing market size is more than 150 billion dollars in 2020 and growing at the rate of 8% per year.

in india alone the per capita detergent consumption is roughly 3kg per year.

Points to remember before starting detergent manufacturing business idea:

  • Select your market and narrow down your niche.
  • know your investment to get started with the detergent manufacturing business.
  • Know the formulae to create detergent, if possible tweak the formulae to get your own USP.
  • create a thorough but easy to execute business plan.
  • get all the important and required equipment to get started.
  • get all the legal works done.

if you follow all the steps then there is a high chance that you will be end with creating profitable manufacturing business ideas in india.

5 ) Fitness Equipment Manufacturing-

the fitness industry is among the top high growing business industry in the world with market size of over  $31.53 billion in 2021.

so, now you can understand your potential market size to get started with fitness Equipment Manufacturing business ideas in India.

if you have skills related to construction work then you can easily eater into this market and if you do not have such skills, it’s better to hire someone who has.

if you want to succeed in this manufacturing business then you will be required with:

  • a well-equipped workshop.
  • good design knowledge for the perfect design.
  • hands-on construction experience.
  • legit marketing skills.

you must meet these four criteria to get started as a legit Fitness Equipment Manufacturing business ideas in India.

you need to know what you will manufacture before getting started in these businesses, some of the most popular equipment are:

  • weight benches.
  • weight stands.
  • squat stands.
  • treadmill.
  • Ellipticals.

these are some of the few, there are much more to mention, to know more you can search on google.

there are some of the major competitions available in the market that you need to care about so that competition doesn’t kill you in the long run.

some of the major players in the market are:

  • Precor.
  • Life Fitness.
  • Cybex.
  • StairMaster.
  • StarTrac.
  • Hammer Strength.

fitness manufacturing business ideas in india is a billion dollar market, if you plan properly and play strategically then you easily take piece of it.

remember strong marketing is the key factor to promote your brand.

6 ) Mobile Phone Accessories-

there is no doubt that mobile phone Accessories manufacturing is one of the most profitable small business ideas in India to start with.

the reason behind these Mobile Phone Accessories business profit is their high profit margin with is about 20%-30% on daily sale, but remember to maintain your cashflow else you will burn out.

” More then 80% businesses fail within 1year, because they not able to maintain their cashflow “

today mobile is the basic need for everyone, and their usage demand is only increasing day by day, so as their Accessories, which makes mobile accessories a profitable buisness without a doubt.

Mobile Phone Accessories business plan very simple and easy to start with no business or technical knowledge required, you can manufacture different types of mobile accessories such as:

  • Portable Chargers.
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Car charging brick.
  • Power bank.
  • Cases/Covers.
  • Earphones (wired or wireless)
  • Phone Camera Lenses and Smart Flash.
  • Tripod.
  • Selfie stick.
  • Batteries and chargers.
  • Cables.

and many more.

okay but before jumping into this Mobile Phone manufacturing business ideas in india, lets see some of the steps to get success:

  • Analyze the Market.
  • create a well planned business plan and be sure about it.
  • find the perfect location for your business.
  • find capital for your business.
  • get all your legal formalities ready.
  • get a proper supplier.
  • know your products well.
  • manage your inventory.
  • a good after sale support.

if you will be able to follow all these steps then you can create a successful Mobile Phone Accessories business ideas in india. this is also best manufacturing business ideas in india.

7 ) Organic Hair and Beauty products –

nowadays people prefer organic beauty products for themselves and this could be a great business opportunity for you to start a Organic Beauty products manufacturing business.

in india organic beauty products are high in demand and you manufacturing business could be very successful with high profit margin as well, as because everyone love their beautiful skins and if you able to provide them quality products then they will pay any price you demand.

manufacturing business ideas
Organic Cosmetics

according to grand view research in the year 2019 the market size of organic products was 7,86,41,49,00,000 also this market will grow with a CAGR of 5% per year.

so now the main question is how we can launch this business! Let’s go

  • start with proper research, keep one thing in mind that you are going to create product for human skins and hair so it is really very important that you have all the required knowledge, 50% of Indian consumers purchase natural or organically manufactured products, mainly for skin and hair products & 71% of customers said they choose to buy a moisturiser or lotion for their face if it is completely natural and safe.
  • Decide you targeted audience that you want to sell them to, like male products, female, teens or small child organic care.
  • Decide your business model and manufacturing strategy, you have to decide your investment budget and your place from where you will start you product manufacturing, how you will grow your business in future and how you are going to sell your products.
  • Sort out your finance and investments, you won’t be able top run any business successfully if you have no grip on your budget and expanses. to properly setup any business you must have control over your finance, because the success or failure of any business depends on the cashflow in your business.
  • create your retail strategy, how you are going to sell your products? are you going to create your own website? sell them on amazon? sell them of market stalls? sell them on instagram ? what? your have to be very careful about where you are going to sell your products and for that you have to figure out where your targeted audience is present.
  • Create a strong connection with your audience with proper marketing strategy, because remember if you want to be a great brand then you must create a strong connection with your consumer. The passion you makes up a large part of your overall marketing and sales strategy, because ultimately, people will buy from you.
  • write your organic product manufacturing business idea plan thoroughly.

these are some of the most important points to remember before you start your manufacturing business ideas in organic cosmetics.

8 ) Shoe Manufacturing-

probably you are not aware of but shoe and shoe related manufacturing is a profitable niche in which you can make profitable amount of money without a doubt.

anyone can start a shoe manufacturing business for sustainable income growth.

shoe manufacturing does not mean you have to manufacture shoes and sell them, nah we don’t want you to became a shoe seller, we want you to enter shoe manufacturing market like:

  • Start a shoe brand.
  • Start a women’s shoe line (specific audience ).
  • Start a blogging business.
  • Start a bikers customized boots manufacturing business.
  • Start a shoe gum manufacturing business.
  • Start a safety boots production business.
  • Start a military footwear manufacturing business.
  • Start a shoe soles production and supply business.
  • Start a shoes wholesaling supply business.
  • Start a riders shoe manufacturing business.
  • Start a rain and snow boots production business.
  • Start a shoe buckles production business.
  • Start a rock climbing boots manufacturing business.
  • Start an used shoe consignment store business.
  • Start a shoe craft school business.
  • Start a children shoe store.
  • Start a shoe repair business.
  • Start a rubber and latex distribution business.
  • Start a footwear store business.
  • Start a shoe making business.
  • Start a shoe designing business.
  • Start a handmade shoe cottage business.
  • Start a leather shoes manufacturing business.
  • Start a flip-flops manufacturing business.
  • Start an online shoe store business.
  • Start a shoe polish manufacturing business

and many more, the list is endless also shoe manufacturing business is really profitable An average shoe store makes about $851,076 in sales, yielding a profit of about $127,363 for the owner.

Shoe stores offer a big return on investment, sitting at about 46.1 percent. As a shoe store owner, you’ll need to manage your stock and pricing to ensure high profits.

these are the follow shoe manufacturing business ideas for you to get started.

9 ) Manufacturing Incense Sticks/Agarbatti

Incense Sticks manufacturing is quit lucrative business model if you know how also this manufacturing business requires less capital and investment, also one can begin this manufacturing business even at home.

agarbatti is a customary item and is a fundamental thing that is required in every family and places of spiritual importance.

thus now you know the demand of agarbattis in india, now let’s see the investment required for agarbatti manufacturing business.

InvestmentRs 80,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh
Production3000 kg monthly or 100 kg per day
Manufacturing CostRs 1 lakh or Rs 33 per kg
Turnover3000 x Rs 100 per kg = 3 lakh per month
Gross ProfitRs 2 lakh per month
basic parameters for manufacturing.
manufacturing business ideas

list of Licenses Required for Agarbatti Making Business-

  • Company Registration.
  • GST Registration.
  • EPF Registration.
  • ESI Registration.
  • SSI Registration.
  • Pollution Certificate.
  • Factory License.

Raw Material required for Agarbatti Making Business

Bamboo is the base material of the Incense Stick

10 ) Toy Manufacturing-

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