Google Business Cover Photo Size

Google Business Cover Photo Size

google business cover photo size, today google my business is very crucial not only for local businesses but also for many corporate businesses and google my business is the basic step towards online journey.

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before we jump into our topic let’s see what is covered in this article:

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to get started with google my business you need to go through some verification process and after you are done with your business verification process you need to upload your business process.

uploading a cover photo is a basic step towards google my business optimization and also right cover photo gives the proper look and feel of your business, because your cover photo is the first thing that people will look into, So it’s important.

as for local business listings these small things matter for attracting audience and increase your online visibility and impression.

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How To Upload Google My Business Photos

it is very simple to add google photos to google my business listing if you follow these steps mentioned below:

  • To upload or add anything first claim your business from google, ( article1, article2 ) read these article for help.
  • login in to your google my business account.
  • go to photos tab, in the left side column.
  • click on the type of photo you want to add from the section.
Google Business Cover Photo Size

follow these simple steps above to upload your business images successfully.

Google Business Cover Photo Size

according to google, the perfect size for google my business cover photo is 1024 x 576 pixels, with minimum size of 120 x 120 and a maximum of 5200 x 5300 with a size must lie between 10 KB and 5 MB and recommended resolution must be 720*720.

these requirements are not the thumb rules, but it is obviously a best practice to follow these dimensions for better optimization.

also beside proper optimization the proper size or aspect ratio make it look better in google maps, where people will find your business on the go.

Google Business Cover Photo Size
Google My Business.

anyways as mentioned above you can go for the best practice which is 1024 x 576 pixels or if you want to customize according to your need you can follow these measurements:

  • 854 x 480.
  • 1366 x 768.
  • 1280 x 720.
  • 960 x 540.

check yourself which one suites you the best, and then select it.

How to Make Your Google My Business Cover Photo Professional

there is competition everywhere, so beat the competition out you need to stand out with your business listing and in that, your cover photo matters!

  • hire any professional photographer and shoot your business photos and upload them in your GMB listing. Yes getting a professional photographer may cost high, but remember your initial investments are your building blocks for a successful business.
  • try to upload many real photos that will explain your business properly and also helps to create impression that you have a legit business, never try to upload images that are downloaded from google.
  • try to upload clear and quality images that will improve your business impression tp your customers.
  • always remember try to upload images related to your business only.
  • within your photos always try to add your business building, office and your office staffs.

there are lots of things that we can we can cover into this section but when it comes to business, its all about your decision that you think will work best for your business.

follow these tips above to make your cover photo stand out from the competition.

How To Flag Photos In Google My Business Account

if you want to flag photos in your google my business account, it is a very simple process, just follow these steps:

For Computer/laptop

  • first sign in to your google my business account.
  • find the photos option in the menu and click on it.
  • find your photo that you want to flag, and click on the flag icon on the top right corner.

For Mobile

  • go to play store and download the google my business app.
  • sing in to your business account.
  • click on the menu icon and go to photos.
  • find your photo that you want to flag.
  • on the top left corner, tap the three dot menu icon, and then click on flag photo.

that’s all about how you can upload google my business photo and make a perfect Google Business Cover Photo Size, but always remember that google my business cover photo and google my business logo and both different things.

Difference Between Google My business Logo and Google My Business Cover Photo.

Features of google my business logo:

  • your logo must be official to your company and must contain your brand icon or name.
  • your google my business listing will always appear in the top right corner if you filled your contact and location information properly.
  • when uploading your logo, you must go with ‘set as logo‘.
  • google my business logo size must be 250px*250px and size must lie between 5kb to 10kb.

these are the feature of google my business logo size and information.

Features of google my business cover photo:

  • must have a clear image that must showcase your business to your audience in a good way.
  • your google my business cover photo can be ant such as square, landscape or portrait ( 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended ).
  • it usually represent your business to your audience that attract their attention.
  • while uploading select ‘upload as cover photo‘.
  • google business cover photo size must be 1024 x 576 pixels.

these are following feature of google business cover photo size.

this are all about google business cover photo size, if you have any question or doubt you can contact us or comment down below.

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  1. Remember, it’s not just about the dimensions; it’s the whole package. If you choose a GMB cover photo that really pops, you may get a serious competitive edge among internet searchers in your area. So take your time, and get it right!

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