Business Ideas In Kolkata is one of the most searched queries on google among young entrepreneurs who want to create and establish their own journey in the city of joy.

well, many young entrepreneurs think that Kolkata might be a difficult place to start their own business, because of many political drawbacks and the tough market competition.

but if started with proper strategy and easy to execute planning then entrepreneurs can start a successful profitable business in Kolkata.

according to the world bank, they will include Kolkata, besides Delhi and Mumbai in terms of ease of doing business and so, our government now turning their focus on Kolkata as their next growth hub of India along with Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

to know more check out this resource.

so without further ado, lets dive in:

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Business Ideas In Kolkata


Distributorship business is a small-scale profitable business idea in Kolkata, also Distributorship is considered as one of the profitable business globally.

distributorship business in kolkata

currently there are 4 types of Distributorship business:

  • selling through agents.
  • selling through resellers.
  • direct selling.
  • selling through wholesalers.

if you are interested in manufacturing business ideas in Kolkata then you should go for direct selling because this is the easiest form of Distributorship channel which involves manufacturers and consumers.

currently, the size of the wholesale market in India is approximately 486 billion dollars, so now you can imagine that the distributorship business in Kolkata is a real profitable business idea.

basic requirement for distributorship business:

  • Licenses.
  • storage.
  • transportation.

to know more about Distributorship Business check this resource.

Handcraft Products:

believe or not, the handcraft selling business is a real profitable business in Kolkata if you can create attractive products and sell them in the right place.

Handcraft Business Idea in Kolkata

some of the most profitable handcraft products are:

  • Recycled and Mixed Media Jewelry.
  • Beaded Jewelry.
  • gifts for couples.
  • custom handmade products.

generally the more creative products you make, the more you can sell, try to make some unique handmade products that catch the attention.

you can own different options and strategies to promote and sell your products, but here are few tips to get ahead of the competition:

Get your own website– creating your own website for your handcrafts will quickly separate out from your competition and potentially helps you to build your brand.

as said “Jonathan Peacock founder of zibbat ” when you are promoting your brand, you need somewhere to sell them ” and the website must be your own not any reseller website like Etsy or Amazon.

Handcraft business

Things to keep in mind before starting handcraft business in Kolkata:

  • Create something unique of your own, that will help you to separate from your competitors.
  • Don’t go for mass production, go for quality production.
  • You can conduct workshops that will help you to create your product’s awareness.
  • You need to understand your market and analyze its potential and that will help you to create In-demand products with good profit.
  • Resister your business.
  • Apply for business licenses and permits.
  • Create an attractive website.

You can follow this tips and generate a low investment business ideas in kolkata.

Digital Marketing Agency:

If you want to know Which business is most profitable in Kolkata? then digital marketing should be your go-to option where you can charge your client’s an hourly basis and also per-project basis.

marketing business ideas in kolkata
Digital Marketing

before getting started let know what actually digital marketing agency do.

basically, digital marketing agencies are different from traditional marketing agencies ( television ads, newspaper ads, pamPhlet ), digital marketing agencies mainly focus on digital platforms.

digital marketing agencies emphasis on brand promotions and sales/lead generations.

but why you should go for digital marketing business in Kolkata?

majority of new business owners successfully establish their brands online but when it comes to online platforms they are confused, they don’t know where to start and how to get started and you can make your business from it, by providing them what is needed.

Business ideas in kolkata

you need to be very accurate to understand what’s our client’s business and how to reach their products to their potential audiences.

you can use various mediums available to do that such as:

  • SEO
  • Google ads.
  • social media.
  • content marketing.

and more.. the best part about this start up is this is less risky then creating next generation tech startup.

business ideas in kolkata

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things to keep in mind before starting digital marketing agency:

  1. First learn some important digital marketing skills such as PPC, SEO, or social media.
  2. try to understand your client’s needs, how you can make more sales for them with your skills.
  3. try to build valuable relationship with your clients.
  4. decide how much money will you charge.
  5. select your niche in the beginning, later on, you can expand.
  6. try to focus on branding and marketing for yourself.

if you learn some required skills and start your agency then this can be the best Business idea in Kolkata without investment.

Fast Food Corner:

if you are looking for a small business plan in Kolkata with low investment then you should go to a fast food corner.

According To A Survey It Is Observed That The Fast Food Industry Will Grow Around 27% In 2021.

Fast food business ideas in kolkata
Fast Food

food industry is one of the most profitable business niche, where you can make profit margin between 0-15%.

the market size of the fast-food industry is expected to be worth $931.7 billion by 2027, with a CAGR growth rate of 4.6%.

Here comes a amazing fact about kolkata fast food:

according to a survey by the taste of travel, beating Amritsar, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and New Delhi, Kolkata has been deemed as the best destination for street foods in India

to know more, visit this official times of india resource.

Few points to consider before jumping into food business ideas in kolkata:

  • before you start, you should run through market analysis and then create your business plan.
  • try to open an outlet in areas where you can attract customers easily.
  • build your a proper business system like your staff, menu, items to include in your shop, and other factors.
  • hire proper staff with proper equipment.
  • market your business online and try to tie up with zomato or swiggy to scale up your sales and thus profitability.

remember Kolkata is a vast market to start, but if you remain careful with your decision then you can create a profitable business idea in Kolkata.

digital marketing agency is also one of the most profitable online business ideas in kolkata.


if you come among those individuals who love photography then you should go for the photography business in Kolkata.

photography In Kolkata

remember one thing that, photography business all all about 80% business and 20% photography skills.

basically you need to do solid marketing in the beginning to make people aware of your brand.

if you make that happen and if you have a skilled photography team with you, then you can make this very successful and profitable business in Kolkata.

before you start photography business in kolkata, consider these points in mind

  1. your startup cost– figure out your startup costs before starting out, remember if you want quality in your work then you will be needed high-end equipment and google skills. your cost will include cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards, photo editing software subscription, and others.
  2. Your branding and reputation.
  3. Pricing.
  4. Customer expectations and contracts.
  5. to know more about the photography business in detail follow this article.


in general, the salon owners make a profit margin of 10-15%, although this profit goes higher depending upon the seasonalities.

also in general salon owners make around 35-30k per month in India, sometimes this goes more depending upon the location of your shop.


you can earn a good amount of profit from salon business in Kolkata, but to create a successful salon business idea in Kolkata you need to create a solid business plan.

so lets discuss some of the key points to keep in mind while planning your business plan.

  • describe your company.
  • get a catchy name for your salon business.
  • know your investment and your source of money to invest.
  • know your target market.
  • always focus on focus marketing in the initial stage of your business.
  • create a proper catalog for your all services.

you may need a good amount of investment in the beginning, so it is recommended to know all your sources of money before starting out.

according to a research it is proved that 90% of businesses failed because of lack of investment.

overall salon is a profitable business ideas in kolkata that you can start.

Real Estate:

with the right knowledge and skill, anyone can earn money in the real estate business but what basically a real estate business is?

Real Estate Business Idea In Kolkata
Real Estate

Basically real estate business deals with buying, selling, investment, or management in real estate properties.

according to a survey, the real estate business in India is the most profitable and promising sector and that is why is the expected market size will be US$ 9.30 billion by 2040.

Yes, it is no wonder that the real estate business is increasing at a jet speed and that’s why it is a good idea for any new entrepreneur to start a career in the real estate business.

As I said real estate business can be a real profit-making deal for you but you need to create a good plan and decision making to earn.

Steps to follow:

  • Plan your real estate properties properly.
  • Create your company’s name and logo.
  • Figure out your companies values and mission for the future.
  • After you create your future goals break them into long and short-term goals.
  • Try to strengthen your companies weaknesses.
  • Try to figure out the best investment strategy for your real estate properties.
  • Try to get a good brand reputation in the market.

There are 4 types of real estate business that you can work on such as:

  • Residential real estate– Which includes both construction and resale homes or you can put them into the rent.
  • Land– Land properties include working farms, ranches, vacant plots, or any land that you can give rent and generate passive income from it.
Business Ideas In Kolkata
Real Estate
  • Commercial real estate properties– commercial real estate properties include a shopping mall, office buildings, hotels, strip malls, or any medical or educational buildings.
  • Industrial real estate Properties– Industrial real estate properties include manufacturing buildings and warehouses. For example, these buildings can be used for research, production, storage for distribution of goods.

to know more about real estate business planning and process follow this article.

If you follow all the steps that are mentioned above then you can successfully start your real estate business ideas in Kolkata with ease.

Makeup Artist:

Yes you read it right! makeup artist business idea in Kolkata, you can learn this valuable skill of making people beautiful and people will pay you for it!

Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist

In general makeup, business falls under the beauty and cosmetics industry, and in the cosmetics industry, people make a profit margin as high as 70% so think who much potential this market has?

In the beginning, it might seem confusing where to start and how to start makeup artists as a business but don’t worry we will provide you all the basic dos and don’ts to get you started.

Can you became a self taught makeup artist?

Definitely yes, having an artistic mind and approach may be a talent but yes can learn that too. Many makeup artists are self-taught and actually, they are one of the finest ones!

There are different kinds makeup artist business such as:

  • Beauty salons.
  • Beauty spas.
  • Freelance independent makeup artist.

if you are good at your work then you can charge as much as you want ( depending on your work ) and there is a large potential of making huge money in this field such as Sam Fine is the top paid makeup artist today, charge more than $3,500 a day.

Checkout his official handle here.

Makeup Eqyipments
Makeup Brush

But what exactly you should know before starting out your makeup business? Lets see

Steps to consider for successful makeup artist business ideas in Kolkata

  • Proper business planning including your startup cost, your target market, your business name.
  • Get your business legal.
  • Needed Makeup equipment.
  • How you will advertise your business.
  • Make contacts with photographers as they can provide you potential leads.
  • Create an amazing portfolio.
  • Display your work on social media handles.
  • Advertise on social media platforms.
  • Your communication skill.
  • How you will charge your clients

If you consider all these steps before creating your business plan in kolkata then you will be able to create makeup business as a profitable business idea in kolkata.

Business Consultancy:

When it comes to business ideas, what is better than helping other businesses to grow with your consultancy services!

Business ideas in kolkata
Business Consultancy

But what exactly does a business consultant do?

In simpler words business consultants help other businesses to grow with their consultancy services! The consultancy firm manage a team in a particular project that produces contents, marketing strategies and plans for other business.

Why do companies Hire Business Consultant?

Companies need Specialized person.

Specialized person can give you valuable insights that might not exist in house! Also companies get theor valuable insights whenever they need it.

There are different segments in consultancy services such as:

  • Human Resource (HR) Consultancy.
  • Business Strategy Consultant.
  • Public Relation Consultancy.
  • Technology Consultancy.
  • Social Media Consultancy.
  • Legal Consultancy.

And more.. You can select from any of these and can start your consultancy business in kolkata.

Some of the profitable consultancy business ideas are:

  • Leadership.
  • Financial and Retirement.
  • Risk Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Advertising.
Business Idea

consultancy services are a highly profitable business idea, if you can create your brand value then you can earn as much as you can no matter what service you offer whether it is strategy, finance, IT, or HR.

Business consultancy is one of the most profitable business ideas in kolkata that you can start if you have required skills.

To know more about how to start your business consultancy business check this resource.


People across the world are getting health conscious so it is obvious that a fitness business will be a good business idea in Kolkata to start with.

GYM Business Idea

The fitness industry is a very profitable business niche to start with, in fact fitness industry exceeds 100 billion US dollars in the US alone.

You also need to know that GYM business profit doesn’t comes with fixed fixed salary, your revenue model depends on various factors such as:

  • You GYM equipment.
  • Maintanence.
  • Staffs Salary.
  • Other expanses of you include other services such as hot bath or body massage.

But the best thing about the gym is that if you are able to manage your expenses properly then you can earn much more than you think.

Also, the majority of your income depends upon your GYM location and also how efficiently you are running advertisements for your branding.

It is good ideas to open your GYM in a proper place where you can get your potential customers and also invest money in creative branding.

Things to consider before creating GYM business plan:

  • Conduct Proper market research.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Create good ownership and investing structure.
  • Know your Niche ( Such as Yoga center, Pilates, Unisex GYM, Medical wellness or fitness center, Family Fitness Center ).
  • Find a proper location ( Location plays an important role in revenue ).
  • Know your financial strengths and weaknesses.
  • Select Proper staff.

As already mentioned Fitness business is one of the profitable business ideas in Kolkata but it comes with some risks and that is why some of these businesses fail, lets find why

The main reason why maximum businesses fail because of being under-capitalized also many young entrepreneurs because they are not aware of basic business know-how and lack of proper implimentation of proper knowledge of marketing and sales.

You can check our top paying jobs in India to broad your vision.

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Manufacturing Business

manufacturing business ideas in west bengal is most profitable and easy to start such as Leather Items ProductionCloth MakingEye glass & Frames ManufacturingStationary items Manufacturing also you migh ask why kolkata is best for manufacturing business ideas? Lets find out:

these are the few points we think is important for you to know why:

  • West Bengal is located on the east coast of India with the Bay of Bengal in the south and shares its international border with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.
  • Leading in the country in terms of spread, density, reach of National Inland Waterways and 3rd Largest in India in terms of road coverage with 16 National Highways and 2 Asian Highways.
  • Largest producer of vegetables and Paddy in India.
  • 2nd largest producer of tea in India- The land of the famous Darjeeling Tea.
  • Situated in Eastern India, West Bengal shares international borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. The state also shares borders with Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Sikkim and Assam. 

the main thing that makes west bengal so suitable for manufacturing business is its road connectivity and road density.

west bengal has as vast road network of 3,15,404 km with road density of 333.5 km per 1000 sq. metre.

this state is also rich with water supply with gifted with natural maritime advantages and navigable waterways with 950 km of waterfront and 13% of national coastline.

west bengal also has 2 airports one in kolkata and another in Bagdogra.

some of the most demanding manufacturing products in kolkata and west bengal are:

  • Ayurveda & Panchkarma Resorts
  • Asafoetida Compounded Hing
  • Alum Manufacturing Unit
  • Aluminium Foil Container
  • Alcoholic Beverages Unit
  • Acid Thickener
  • Aluminium Extrusion & Anodising Plant
  • Activated Bleaching Earth
  • Bakery Unit
  • Ball Pen Manufacturing Unit 
  • Banquet Hall
  • Brushless Dc Motor
  • Beer Manufacturing Unit
  • Biodegradable Bag
  • Biodegradable Package Using Rice Husk
  • Biochemisry Reagents Manufacturing Unit 
  • Biodegrable Bioplastic
  • Bath Soap Unit
  • Coconut Charcoal & Carbon
  • Corn Grit Unit
  • Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
  • Corrugated Box
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Cotton Diya Batti Manufacturing Unit
  • Cold Storage Unit
  • Chicken & Meat
  • Cork Sheet Industry
  • Chicken & Meat Processing To Make Sausages Home &  Salami Etc
  • Dps School
  • Dishwashing Unit
  • Duck Farming
  • Decorative Laminate Industry
  • Detergent Manufacturing Unit
  • Dextrose Saline
  • Dhoop Agarbatti Making Unit
  • Diagnostic Lab
  • Disposable Syringes Manufacturing Unit
  • Edible Oil Refining
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Electric Three Wheeler Manufacturing Unit 
  • E-Rickshaw
  • Egg Tray From Pulp
  • Flush Door
  • Ferric Oxide
  • Fish Farming
  • Ginger Oil Extraction
  • Galvanizing Plant
  • Ginger & Garlic Paste
  • Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker & Utensil
  • Hdpe Drum & Barrels
  • Hospital Disposable Products
  • Interlocking Concrete Block
  • Indian Kitchen Spice
  • Jute Gunny Bag Mfg Unit
  • Kraft Paper Bag
  • Lithium Ion Battery Assembly Plant
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaners
  • Lemon Grass Cultivation
  • Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery For Evehicle & Solar Street Light Etc.
  • Led Lumenaries Assembling Unit
  • Leather Tanning Unit
  • Liquid Calcium & Minerals, Vitamins Mixture Plant For Cattles
  • Mineral Water Packaging
  • Medicine Pain Killer
  • Maize Processing Unit
  • Motorcycle Tyre Manufacturing Unit 
  • Meta Uriedo Aniline
  • Mustard Oil
  • Nursing Coolege
  • Natural Caffeine
  • Non Woven Tarpaulin
  • Play School
  • Potato Powder Unit
  • Plastic Moulding Unit
  • Pet Bottle Recycling
  • Paper Shopping Bag
  • Pp Woven Sacks Manufacturing
  • Pvc Tapes
  • Poultry & Hatchery Farming
  • Printing & Packaging Unit
  • Pvc Pipe Unit
  • Plastic Granules Making Unit
  • Paint Manufacturing Unit
  • Paper Cups & Plates Manufacturing Unit
  • Rooling Mill 
  • Sintered Metal Auto Components
  • Slaughter House
  • Silicone Manganese
  • Steel Pipe Plant
  • Soya Chunk Manufacturing Unit 
  • Sanitary Napkin & Baby Diapers Manufacturing Unit 
  • Stoving Thinner
  • Soap & Detergent Manufacturing Unit 
  • Soya Meat Manufcturing Unit
  • Silicone Foam Manufacturing For Railway
  • Sanding Sealer Lacquer, Pu Wood Coating & Varnish Manufacturing Unit 
  • Ss Tube Manufacturing Unit 
  • Truck Tyre Manufacturing Unit 
  • Toughened Glass
  • Tea Packaging
  • Tableware From Rice Husk
  • Veterinary Manufacturing Unit 
  • Water Park
  • Wire Nail Manufacturing Unit 

and many more.

manufacturing business ideas in kolkata are very high in demand and also very lucrative to start in west bengal.

FAQ For Business Ideas In Kolkata

Business Ideas In Kolkata Without Investment.

There is no such thing as no investment, you need to invest your money or time.
Some of the best business ideas in Kolkata without investment are:
1 ) Blogging.
2 ) Google ads Expert.
3 ) Selling Art Pieces.
4 ) Reselling.
5 ) Selling your own handcrafts.
6 ) Creating a marketplace for other businesses with your skills.

Business ideas In Kolkata After Lockdown

Coviad19 taught us many things and also the way of doing business has changed, businesses moving to digital platforms and digital media and you can leverage these opportunities to create some good business ideas after Lockdown which are:
1 ) Facebook ads expert.
2 ) Google ads expert.
3) Social media manager.
4 ) Digital marketing consultant.
5 ) Online Classes.
6 ) Becoming a Youtuber.
7 ) Doorstep Delivery.

Business Ideas In Kolkata from home

Some of the top business ideas in Kolkata from home are:
1 ) Freelancing.
2 ) Content Marketer.
3 ) virtual assistant.
4 ) Blogger.
5 ) Youtuber.
6 ) House cleaning.
7 ) Designing.

Business Ideas In Kolkata With Low Investment

Some of the best business ideas in Kolkata with low investment are:
1 ) Home Appliance Service center –
2 ) Business Consultant.
3 ) Reselling.
4 ) Web developer.
5 ) Web designer.
6 ) Freelancer. – Know more.
7 ) Digital marketing expert.
8 ) App developer.

Small Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the small scale Business ideas in Kolkata are:
1 ) Proofreader.
2 ) SEO consultant.
3 ) Social media manager.
4 ) Blogger.
5 ) Youtubing.
6 ) Virtual assistant.

New Business Ideas In Kolkata Market

In kolkata market you can start seveal businesses such as
1 ) Whole sale Grocery.
2 ) Whole sale Garments.
3 ) Whole sale Manufacturing production.
4 ) Whole sale jewellery.
5 ) Food stale.
6 ) Import export house.

Online Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the best online business ideas in kolkata are:
1 ) Blogging.
2 ) Digital Marketing.
3 ) Social Media Marketing.
4 ) SEO expert.

Part Time Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the top part-time business ideas in Kolkata are:
1 ) Baking.
2 ) Social media marketing.
3 ) Jewellery selling.
4 ) Makeup Artist.
5 ) Photographer.
6 ) Data Entry.

Manufacturing Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the best manufacturing business ideas in Kolkata are:
1 ) Recyclable apparels.
2 ) Women’s Footwear.
3 ) Eco-friendly cutlery and kitchen sets.
4 ) Smartphone Back cover.
5 ) Organic beauty products.

Food Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the best food business ideas in Kolkata are:
1 ) Tea and breakfast stall.
2 ) Hygenic lunch Services.
3 ) Fast food stall.
4 ) Fresh fruit juice center.
5 ) Sweets corner.

Wholesale Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the best wholesale business ideas in Kolkata are:
1 ) School and Office products.
2 ) Textile wholesale.
3 ) Chemical or fertilizers.
4 ) Health and beauty products.
5 ) Grocesary products.
6 ) Automobile parts.
7 ) Distribution supply chain.
8 ) Readymade snacks wholesale.

Consultancy Business Ideas In Kolkata

Some of the most profitable consultancy business ideas in Kolkata are:
1 ) PR Consultant.
2 ) Career Consultant.
3 ) Fitness Consultant.
4 ) IT Consultant.
5 ) Social Media Consultant.
6 ) Marketing Consultant
7 ) Financial Consultant.

Conclusion On business ideas in Kolkata:

You choose a business idea or not but the main and important thig is that, before you start any business idea in kolkata you must have 2 things A good execution strategy and a good business strategy for it.

Some of things you must know before creating a business strategy:

  • Your purpose for doing that business.
  • Your vision matters.
  • clear idea about your business model.
  • Before you run into main audience, test your product or service on a small scale.
  • Know and identify your target market.

Did we missed any other business ideas in Kolkata or you want to include any other business ideas let us know in the comment section, if you find this article helpful please do share!

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