Business Ideas in Assam. Before we start discussing business ideas in Assam let’s focus on some real figures and facts about Assam’s business opportunities, economy, and growth in Assam.

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Assam is the largest economy in northeastern India. Assam alone contributes 1/7 of total tea production across the globe and also it is the world’s largest tea-growing in the world.

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in India, Assam alone produces 53.55% of total tea production, in the year 2019-20 Assam alone produces 694.53 million kgs of tea.

Business ideas in assam

except for its amazing tea production, Assam also has more than 20 industrial estates, 3 industrial growth centers, 11 Integrated Infrastructure Development Depots, 17 industrial areas, 12 growth centers, eight mini industrial estates, one export promotion park, and one food processing industrial park.

today estimated GDP of assam is more than 4.09 trillion rupees.

to know more about assam follow this brief guide.

Now we are ready to discuss some of the most profitable business ideas in Assam that you start, so without further ado, let’s dive in…

Business Ideas In Assam

Agricultural Business Idea:

Lets start with some agricultural business ideas in assam like :

  • Agricultural Firm
  • Vermicompost Organic fertilizer Production.
  • Dried plower business.
  • Fertilizer distribution.
  • poultry farming.
  • Sunflower Farming.
  • Fish farming.
  • Tea export.
  • Fruits and vegetable export.
Agriculture Business in assam

I will definitely recommend you to go for agricultural business ideas in assam because:

  • Tax benefits.
  • It allows you to diversify.
  • In India, population growth indicates that there will be a huge demand for food and agricultural products.
  • The agricultural business has a low correlation between main stream assets like equities, fixed income, etc.

Agricultural business idea in assam is one of the most profitable business ideas in assam.


The tea industry in assam is not new, its 172 years old!

Tea business ideas in assam

Assam is the largest tea producer in India and if you are able to turn this opportunity into business then you can definitely plant a money-making tree!

Assam is world-famous for its largest and finest quality tea production. The tea business can be a real gem for you because Assam produces one of the finest, purest, high quality, and healthy tea.

Assam’s tea is not only famous in India, but it is also famous across the globe and you can take advantage of it by selling it abroad.

To get started with your tea business in Assam you can refer to this source or you can visit Assam’s official govt. tea portal here.

Here are quick steps to remember before starting out with tea business:

  • You need to have a deep understanding of Camellia Sinensis because Camellia Sinensis can produce over 1000 types of tea such as Yellow Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Puer Tea, Oolong & White Tea are all harvested from it.
  • Identify your audience size and marketing approach.
  • Understand your core competency because the Indian market is huge and India comes 2nd in tea consumption after chine.
  • Tea Packaging.
  • Proper storage of tea.
  • Educate your internal and external team.

You can follow these steps and the referred articles above to successfully launch your tea business in Assam.


Sericulture Business ideas in assam

sericulture which is also referred to as silk farming where people cultivate silkworms to produce silk.

in the sericulture business, people cultivate silkworms to get raw silk and this entire process from soil to silk is broadly segmented into four interdependent agro-industrial activities. The four agro-industrial segments are:

  • Mulberry farming.
  • Silkworm rearing and cocoon production.
  • The weaving of silk fabric.
  • Production of raw silk.

If you can start sericulture business in assam than you can make good profit out of it.

A new improvised technique is introduced in sericulture by the government department of sericulture has started paying dividends, and the farmers earning is profit.

assorted-color thread rolls

With this technique farmers can potentially earn between Rs.45000 to Rs.60000 in 45 days.

You will be needed some initial investment nearly about Rs.15000 excluding land and rearing place cost.

To know more detailed information about sericulture business in Assam check out this resource.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Services:

B2B Is a kind of business model that is needed for our entrepreneurs across india so that entrepreneur in india will help with their new business journey.

In recent years b2b business models are becoming popular with time. B2B services are often performed on a freelance basis or as an incorporated business.

Business ideas in assam
B2B eCommerce

You can offer different services to other businesses such as :

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Writing services.
  • Analytics for small businesses.
  • Research services/competitive research/Market study.
  • Employee recruitment services.
  • Book keeping.
low angle photo of city high rise buildings during daytime
B2B Services

there are more categories in this b2b market you will get to know more opportunities as well if you dig deeper into this business.

To know more about what is exactly b2b business you can refer to this source.

To know more about business ideas you can refer our website wooble.

You can also provide some best software to other business and make money from subscription.

Fish Farming:

There is no doubt that fish farming is one of the most lucrative business ideas if started with a good business plan and a minimum amount of investment.

five black fish in body of water
Fish farming

Fish farming is a very profitable venture business in Assam, but getting started with any business you need to study the process carefully and need to know how the process works.

The must process you need to go through before starting out is marketing analysis process.

You can make potentially more money if you can provide cheap but nutritious ingredients in the lower food chain.

Do you know ?Tilapia farming is one of the most profitable fish to farm.

Steps to start Fish Farming Business:

  • Plan your business and your market.
  • The initial investment required.
  • How much you will charge your customers.
  • Name a relatable but catchy business name.
  • Get your legal entities done.
  • Obtain required permits and licenses.
  • Certificate for your occupancy.
  • Establish a good web presence.

These are the following steps we think you should consider before starting out your fish farming in assam.

Paper Manufacturing Business:

paper manufacturing business is relatively low cost starting business idea in assam.

the paper manufacturing business is easy to start but a profitable business idea if you follow proper planning and execution.

pile of papers
Paper Manufacturing

paper is a useful need in our day to day life and a well-known product in the manufacturing sector. Paper is used in every part of our life starting from schools, colleges, offices, research, and almost any know sector in the world.

except for writing paper is also used for other purposes such as:

  • Money.
  • Cheque.
  • voucher.
  • ticket.
  • magazine.
  • Scratch paper.
  • Corrugated box.
  • Wrapping tissue.
  • Envelope.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Emery paper.

and much more. so its quit obvious that paper manufacturing industry is worthy enough and can potentially generate high revenue source.

to know more paper and paper’s history you should check out this resource.

Paper Manufacturing business in assam
Paper Manufacturing

Things to keep in mind before starting paper manufacturing business:


you need a place to setup your manufacturing factory, if you don’t have location then you need to buy a property or lease an area for setup.

except that you need some basic investment for machinery, labour, transportation and electricity cost.

Register your business:

Buying raw materials for paper manufacturing:

Transportation cost:

Keep one thing in mind before starting paper business ideas in assam you should understand your market demand and opportunities.


reselling is quite a profitable and small-scale business ideas in Assam, only if you work efficiently and properly you will be able to generate a profitable amount of money.

thanks to this growing popularity of eCommerce trends in India that supports reselling business even more than before. so if you want to learn the fundamentals of reselling business then there is no better time to do it.

woman sitting on serving cart while man holding push cart

according to a resource indian ecommerce market will hit 7 trillion by 2023.

reselling business ideas is quite a simple and very old form of business but nowadays online e-commerce makes it more easy and convenient for us to start!

today becoming an online reseller is very easy by just downloading a reselling app that provides free reselling programs by creating a free account.

you just have to select a product from the reselling platform and then add some profit for yourself then promote that product into your circle, if anyone purchases your product then you will earn the profit that you included in the product.

For example:

if you select a headphone of 200 rupee from the reselling platform, you add your profit 50 rupee, now your total product is 250 rupee, if someone buys your product then you will get 50 rupee as a margin.

Resell price = 200

your price= 200+50=250

someone buys for 250

you make 50.

you can make more margin for yourself and that depends on what product you are promoting.

you can create your own ecommerce store and start selling by listing your reselling products.


benefits of reselling business model:

  • Zero investment to become a reseller.
  • no worry related to shipping and packaging.
  • selling products that are already in demand.
  • no limitations on your earning ( the more you sell the more you earn ).
  • Work from anywhere.

these are all the benefits of reselling business model, to know more check out this resource.

reselling business seems to like a small business ideas in assam but with proper strategy you can make it profitable business.

Gym/Fitness Club:

the fitness industry is one of the most profitable and lucrative business idea not only in assam but across india.

india has the 3rd largest fitness industry in the world. the global market size of fitness industry is increasing in recent years with more than 96 billion U.S dollars.

Fitness Club

currently india has 2 billion dollar fitness industry and its increasing with 7.2% per year according to statista.

if you passionate about fitness then you should Definitely go for fitness club business ideas in assam by following these steps to avoid failure:

  • train yourself first and get certified.
  • identify your niche in fitness club such as traditional gym, medical fitness or wellness center, family fitness club,
  • setup your club/gym near a good location ( where you can find your potential customers ).
  • calculate your initial investment for equipments and fitness trainer.
  • get financed.
  • market or advertise your gym to attract customers.

overall fitness club is one of the best business ideas in assam to start with also this can be proven profitable business idea in guwahati.

Social Media Manager:

in this digital age where businesses are moving towards online market there is huge potential for digital business ideas in assam.

in digital age businesses want someone to handle all their social media profiles such as facebook, instagram, twitter and so on.

person using both laptop and smartphone
Social Media manager.

if you are good at creating an promoting contents in social media then you can be a social media manager and as social media manager your work is to presenting a company across social mediums.

you have to create content, response to comments, creating campaigns so that you can generate brand awareness and generate sales.

you need to mastery some skills to became a effective social media manager such as:

  • according to buffer you need to be a t-shaped marketer to be a effective social media marketer these days.
Buffer T-shaped marketer diagram
  • designing skills ( both graphics and video ).
  • Copywriting.
  • customer service.
  • public speaking.
  • Behavioral Psychology.
  • budgeting.
  • market analysis.
  • Curiosity.
  • working knowledge of current trends.

wrapping up social media manager is profitable business idea in assam and you could earn upto $45K per year and a experienced social media manager can earn even more.

with the high emerging in digital technology social media marketing and other digital marketing businesses are new business ideas in assam.

also if you do not have big investment then social media marketing can be profitable small scale business idea in guwahati.

the only investment that is needed is your time and willingness to learn.

Real Estate Agent or Broker:

real estate agents make pretty huge income, but you have to add money from your own pocket in the beginning and that’s where you have to be careful about it.

growth potential is huge in real estate business but you have to figure out a proper planning and a decent way so that you will not end up with loosing all your initial money that you invested.

according to survey conducted by United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics  in 2018 shows that the average real estate agent earn more than $62,120.

any real estate agent or broker earn money by:

  • charge a commission when they represent clients.
  • charge a percentage to their client for a certain years.
  • they get an upfront commission when by the bank that finance the loan.

now you can understand how profitable real estate business idea in assam but to make any business profitable and successful all you need a solid well structured plan.

a study of more than 2000 business owners found that startups get easily and loans and fundings if they have a business plan, 75% more chances of getting.

Business ideas in assam
Business Planning

another study conducted by Harvard business school shows that businesses that spent no more than 2 months, their business success ratio increases up to 12%.

Final Thoughts On Business Ideas In Assam:

if we talk about business ideas then there are plenty of factors to consider to start a successful one. you need better ideas and proper execution strategy to start best business in assam.

You can follow our blog mymoneyfalling to know more about business ideas and startups.

don’t forget to leave your own thoughts on business ideas in assam in the comment section below.

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FAQ’s For Business Ideas In Assam-

Profitable business ideas in assam?

some of the most profitable business ideas in assam are:
1. Personal fitness trainer.
2. Selling your own digital products or online courses.
3. language courses.
4. computer training classes.
5. business consultant.
and all of those mentioned in the article

How to start a business in guwahati?

follow this steps to start a successful business in guwahati:
1. write a proper business plan.
2. raise fund for your business or get investment.
3. choose a proper location for your business depending on your business niche.
4. create a proper infrastructure for your business.
5. choose a catchy business name.
6. get your business online.
7. get your federalĀ and state tax IDs for your business.
8. invest in marketing.

business ideas in guwahati?

some of the best business ideas in guwahati are:
1. legal advisor.
2. real estate agent.
3. accounting and bookkeeping.
4. Tuition centre.
5. youtube channel.
6. blogging ( to succeed in blogging you must be familiar with sEO ).
7. Ads agency.

online business ideas in assam

some of the best online business ideas in assam are:
1. blogging.
2. youtube-ing.
3. digital marketing agency.
4. social media expert.

Business ideas for woman in assam

some of the best business ideas for woman in assam are:
1. coffee cafe.
2. tea manufacturing.
3. cooking youtube channel.
4. day care centre.
5. pet care centre.

new business ideas in assam

1. digital media agency.
2. business consultant.
3. ecommerce clothing store.
4. selling online courses.
5. photography.

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