Burger King franchise cost In India, well know don’t know about burger king? Burger king is the largest fast-food chain in the world.

Burger King franchise cost and all other details related to burger king will be discussed here in this article, so without further ado, let’s dive into it.

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About Burger King Franchise

After McDonald’s, burger king is the largest and fastest-growing burger chain in the world, also they are the second-largest chain in the US market after McDonald’s.

Burger King franchise cost
Burger King

at the beginning of the 21st-century burger king claimed to have around 1400 stores around the world.

burger king was founded in the year 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore in Florida.

To know more about burger king history please click the button below.

Burger King Franchise Cost In India:

Burger King franchise will cost around $3,398,600 if you convert it into Indian rupee that will cost you more than 20 crores.

So, burger king franchise cost in india will cost around 22 crores.

burger king is a franchisor, and it is world’s one of the most popular and expensive franchise to go for.

burger king is a famous fast-food chain in the world that offers burgers, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals as well.

mainly burger king specializes in burger, veggies, chicken and salads.

as of you can now guess, getting burger king franchise can be profitable yet costly for you, but with that we can say that you will get super support from burger king franchisor and because of brand value you will less likely operate in loss.

Breakdown Of Burger King Franchise Cost In India:

These are the main burger king franchise Cost in india details:

Burger King  Franchise
Burger King
  • Franchise Fee: $15,000- $50,000.
  • Insurance Fee: $8,000- $25,000.
  • Working Capital: $20,000- $90,000.
  • 2-Story Interior Playground: $245,000.
  • Business Licenses and Other legal papers: $6,000- $30,000
  • billing and control desk: $35,000- $60,000.
  • space and occupancy charge: $90,000- $850,000.
  • interior design and architecture: $10,000- $45,000.
  • Your area/zone expanses: $1,000- $25,000.
  • development and construction: $25,000- $950,000.
  • Equipment: $84,600- $294,600.
  • Decor Package: $88,000.
  • Pre-Opening Wages: $28,000- $61,000.

and other miscellaneous costs, such as your operating system, landscaping and your employee salary.

Ongoing Fees for Burger King Franchise

after your submitted your total burger king franchise cost then you can start and run your business but after you start running you have to face some ongoing expenses such as:

1 ) Royalty:

as a royalty you have to pay 4.5% of monthly gross sales.

2 ) Advertising Cost:

you need to spend almost 4% of your total gross sales on Advertising of your burger king franchise store so that people get to know about your existence.

3 ) Building Improvement and maintenance ( Optional ):

this is optional for you and you can do it whenever you want to, but in this, we are discussing about burger king franchise cost and that is why this is worth mentioning.

So for building improvement and maintenance you need to spend almost $500-$700 ( Price varies from place to place ).

4 ) Tax:

if you run any small franchise, then you may not have to pay tax, but for big franchise such as burger king and so then you have to pay tax to the government.

on average, you have to pay 18% of tax to the government, and that tax amount percentage also varies from region to region.

5 ) Training:

When you open a new burger king franchise, you have to hire new staff, as urger king is a big brand itself so they have some strict quality guidelines that your staff must follow.

to ensure the quality of their business partner they provide quality training and that worth more or less $2,500.

[ Before you open your restaurant, you must complete your franchisee training program ]

mainly the training program held in their head office, or their burger king franchise in India head office in Mumbai.

Different Kinds Of Agreement

Burger King Franchise Agreement

Mainly Burger king provides three kinds of agreement that you must know if you want to go for burger king franchise:

  1. Non-Traditional Burger King Facility.
  2. Traditional Burger King Restaurant Facility.
  3. Institutional Locations.

Non-Traditional Burger King Facility:

when your franchise is located near other businesses such as other retail business, food business, gas station, convenience stores and other similar or non-similar kinds of business is called Non-Traditional Burger King Facility.

Traditional Burger King Restaurant Facility:

Burger King Franchsie Cost
Traditional Burger King Restaurant

A Traditional Burger King Restaurant is a full sized burger king franchise which is located into dedicated areas such as near any mall or under any large building ( See Above picture ).

a traditional burger king Restaurant do not any common space between any other business so that they can maintain their standards.

Institutional Locations:

as the name says itself Institutional Locations mean the availability of burger king near institutions such as government buildings and facilities, medical facilities, parks, zoos, corporate campuses, educational institutes, airports, train stations, and more.

Agreement and Renewal:

generally, the length of the initial franchise lasts for 20 years of the agreement for traditional agreement and less than 20 years for nontraditional agreement.

there is such term as renewal for the agreement, there is an option available for Successor Franchise Agreement for 20 years.

Burger King Franchise Profit:

Burger King franchise profit margin in India mainly depends upon your selection of area!

Initially, if you invest $375k–$700k to get the franchise, you will make around $1M average sales in a year.

if your location is too good, then it’s likely that you will be able to generate $2M of sales profit in a year.

generally any food franchise owner enjoy 4x-5x amount of profit margin.

To make such a burger king franchise profit, you need to open your franchise in a good location where you can find your targeted audience.

Apply For Burger King Franchise:

To get burger king franchise, you can visit their official franchise site here at company.bk.com/franchising.

You can also contact Burger King here at bk.com/contact-us.

FAQs Burger King Franchise:

Burger King Franchise Cost In India

Burger King is an expensive franchise to go for in India, In India burger, king franchise will cost around 15 lakhs-30 crores.
If you are ready to invest such a massive amount of money for a burger king franchise in India, make sure to lose your franchise location wisely.

Burger King Franchise In India Currency

Burger King Franchise In India Currency will cost your around 30 lakhs to 25 crores.

How Much Does a Burger King Franchise Make a Year

As mentioned earlier, if your sales perform average throughout the year then you will be able to generate $700k$1M.
If you manage to find a perfect location, then you will be able to generate a good amount of sales and your revenue will increase to $1M$2M a year.

is burger king franchise profitable in india.

yes burger king franchise is profitable in india, but that too vary from season to season and place to place and also due to immensely popularity of burger king food chain there is no doubt that you will be in profitable business with burger king franchise in india.

who is the owner of burger king india?

burger king india is owned by Everstone Capital.

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