Aloe Vera Farming Profit

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aloe vera farming profit, aloe vera farming business plan these some of the commonly asked questions and to answer those we created this in depth article that is needed for you to start your own aloe vera business.

Aloe Vera Farming Profit
Aloe Vera Farming

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What we will cover ? ( quick summery )

  • What is aloe vera farming?
  • aloe vera farming profit
  • aloe vera farming business plan
  • aloe vera business
  • aloe vera cultivation profit
  • aloe vera farming per acre
  • aloe vera cultivation and marketing in india
  • where to sell aloe vera plant

so without further ado, lets dive in

What Is Aloe Vera?

Before starting out aloe vera cultivation business you need to know what is aloe vera, what are its benefits.

aloe vera is very popular plant and mainly know for its medicinal properties.

aloe vera is also know as “miracle plant” or “nature’s tonic”.

aloe vera is domestic to Africa & Mediterranean areas. aloe vera belongs to the family of “Asphodelaceae”.

the major producer of aloe vera are:

  • coastal area of south India.
  • china.
  • africa.
  • USA.
  • australia.
  • mexico.

to know more about aloe vera and its benefits please follow this article.

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What Is Aloe Vera Farming?

aloe vera farming is a process in which aloe vera is cultivated to sell them and earn profit from it.

Aloe Vera Farming Profit
Aloe Vera

to cultivate aloe vera you need hot humid weather and high rainfall condition.

you can cultivate aloe vera in any kind of soil, but well drained soil which holds organic matter is generally preferable for good aloe vera cultivation business.

conditions for good quality aloe vera cultivation for your business are:

  • then you must go for well drained soil.
  • rainfall ranging from 1000 – 1200mm.
  • bright sunlight.
  • ph level of the soil should be between 6.5 and 8.

there are some of the major aloe vera producing states in india are:

  • tamil nadu.
  • Maharashtra.
  • kerala.
  • rajasthan.
  • andhra pradesh.
  • gujarat.

Aloe Vera Farming Business Profit

in recent years aloe vera farming profit is increasing rapidly because of high demand in herbal products by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

what makes aloe vera farming more profitable is that it requires less water and maintenance cost, and that in turns provide low cultivation cost and high profit margin.

due to its high medicinal value, makes aloe vera farming business profitable.

you don’t need large area of land to produce profitable amount of aloe vera. you can start from small piece of land.

if you have 1.5-2 acres of land you can cultivate 30 tons of aloe vera and price of 1 ton of aloe vera in indian market is more then 18k, also you can start your business with as low as 40k as initial investment.

by selling it into the market you can easily make 5-7 lakhs of profit from aloe vera farming, or you can sell them directly to companies in which you can earn more.

Important Factors For Aloe Vera Farming Business

Aloe Vera Cultivation Profir
Aloe Vera

Some of the most important factors to consider:

  • it is generally advised to have a minimum of 1-acre of land to start an aloe vera farming business.
  • aloe vera best grows under full sun and partial shades
  • your land must be well-drained with organic matter.
  • 1000 – 1200mm of rain.
  • the ph of your land must lie between 6.5-8.
  • initial investment up to 40k.
  • important equipment for aloe vera plantation.

also don’t forget to perform market research before starting your business, that will help you to understand which type of aloe vera to cultivate and sell.

market research help you to understand your market demand.

Some Of The Most popular varieties of aloe vera are:

  •  Aloe Barbadensis Miller.
  • Aloe Crosby’s Prolific.
  • Aloe Rubroviolacea.
  •  Aloe Ferox.
  • Aloe Microstigma

according to the world checklist of selected plant families, there are almost 580 aloe vera plant species.

Things To Consider For Aloe Vera Business Plan

Favorable Condition For Soil:

For quality aloe vera farming all you need quality soil that can boost your aloe vera production quality so that you can make profit in aloe vera farming business.

as we all know soil is very important for any kind of farming but what kind of soil is suitable for aloe vera cultivation?

before choosing your soil for aloe vera you need to know that aloe vera plants are succulents, and the type of soil you choose can make or break your Aloe Vera Farming Profit.

fact: sandy soil with normal range of PH level is good for Succulents plants.

also keep in mind that you should always use organic fertilizers for your aloe vera farming, because chemical fertilizers can harm your plant.

also many pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands ask for chemical free aloe vera plants.

some of the best organic fertilizers you can use for better quality aloe vera cultivation are:

houseplant mixers, to note that houseplant mixers are designed for Succulents Plants, don’t use granular fertilizers.

tip : always try to flush out lingering salts and avoid tip burn.

always try to avoid using too many fertilizers, remember less is good for aloe vera cultivation.

to know more about aloe vera farming profit and caring check these resource.

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